As a professional track and field athlete and Olympic Trials Qualifier, Steven Benedict has run in some of the worlds most prestigious events. In addition to the Adidas Classic Diamond League and US Nationals, he ran for Nike for 2 years and was A Penn Relays Champion. Featured in 50 national and international magazines such as Train, ESPN Magazine, Mens Fitness, Mens Health and Fitness RX, Steven offers advise and motivation to elite and up and coming athletes alike.  Beyond the track, he is the founder of “Fostering Success”  a non-profit organization that pairs Professional Athletes with Foster Kids and is a powerful motivational speaker and author. These accomplishments were not what was expected based on his early years. Steven’s childhood began in an abusive home which resulted in he and his brothers placement in foster care. Over the course of his first 8 years, he was moved between homes and motels with little certainty of what the next day would bring. At age 8, he and his brother were adopted by an incredible couple which possessed traits of joy, humility, sacrifice and unconditional love. The time with these parents would be short lived, however as both his mom and dad suffered untimely deaths within a few years of each other. The pain of these losses nearly ended Steven’s professional career but as history would repeat itself, once again, Steven defied the odds and is back stronger than ever to be proof that experiences in life are nothing more than another day of training in becoming a champion for others. He is passionate to set the pace for the coming generations as an example of what relentless strength and faith can accomplish.